We are right by your side
in the USA


You have decided to live in America. You are aware this will be different than a business trip or a touristic visit.

You have already taken care of issues such as procuring visas or a Green Card. Perhaps you have even purchased a home. Or you need assistance from A to Z for all these purposes.

When you check to see the what remains on your list of to-dos, plenty of challenges that you will only encounter once you are actually living in America might await.

What do we do?

As you set sail to a new life in a new country, you may need assistance on more than one front.

Our teams have been living in the U.S. for a long time, and they will be by your side in the city you decide to make your home, for all kinds of services including finding lawyers, real estate agents, or Turkish doctors.

You need orientation tours, accelerated language classes, selecting the right school for your children, finding tutors and nannies, the best boutiques or grocery stores in town, the best fitness trainer or a life coach. LSW.US Consulting team will do it for you.

Why do you we offer such a service?

According to research, the adjusting to life in a new country with a culture entirely different from one’s own, requires approximately six months.
Many professionals agree that if these six months aren’t handled correctly, you may face depression.

The culture, sense of belonging and identity of an individual who has embraced the beliefs and values of the society they have lived in until today, may make it difficult for them understand and embrace a new culture in a new country.

From the moment you decide to live in America or you set foot in the U.S., LSW.US Consulting is prepared to serve you by making your life easier, with advisors, mentors and coaches who have been living in
America for a long time.

The LSW.US Consulting team has walked this path before you, and they are familiar with American culture and way of life. They offer you their experience and knowledge, to help make the adjustment period go as smoothly as possible.

At what point do we come in?

Beginning with the research process about the life you hope to build in the U.S., we can start working for you to identify your needs, and once we have located the ideal contacts for you, we can connect you with the right people and institutions in the U.S.

We can quickly generate different solutions and responses for each and every member of your family, because we have a wide network in the U.S. comprised of best Turkish professionals from all fields.