We are right by your side
in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we receive this service from you?
You have raised your child, doing the best you could.
We take over the task from the first moment your child sets foot in the university in the US.
You have been meticulous about your child’s education, and we provide support for his/her integration to a new life and school, and help maintain his/her success.

Where does our service start? Where does it end?
You can meet us once your child has enrolled to a school in the US and receive information about our support program.

Later stages involve meeting with you and the student, and signing a service contract.
You can find the list of all the services to be provided in the US and the details of the framework in our service contract.

Are you going to be the parent of our child in USA?
Since the system of American universities is based on responsibility and trust, they would like the students over 18 to take over the responsibility of their lives and education. Therefore, the students can decide who can see their academic transcripts. We, as the Okuyorus/LSW.US team, are beside the students in the states we are located in, as the coach, mentor and guardian of the students. We can be the first to be notified in cases of emergency, if requested by the student and the family.

What can happen to a young adult who goes to study in USA?
Some of our children can experience things so interesting that they exceed our imagination. There are some issues that should be known and considered in the US, regarding life and education. We remind students that they are in a different culture, and instruct them on the meaning and indicators of respect and harmonization in daily life. Representatives of Okuyorus/LSW.US Consulting share their experiences and real life examples in the first meeting held with you.  


Are you in action soon as our child lands in USA?
Our support service starts during the week of orientation in the university. We can give you the information you need and direct you to the expert professionals according to your needs beforehand.

Are you in contact / do you work with American universities?
Our contacts with the departments in charge of international students in universities are ongoing. We are also in touch with the representatives of American universities in Turkey and the Turkish Students Associations in the US.

How do you help our child get over the culture shock that can happen in the first year?
As professionals coming from the same culture as the student, we can foresee in which situations they might be surprised, saddened and what they can miss. We talk continuously with the student and by using our coaching and mentoring skills, we provide continuous support to keep the student’s motivation high.


Do you keep track of the academic situations of the students?
By establishing a relationship of confidence with the student, we keep track of the general flow of his/her education and life and we remind them that they can talk to us on any matter, that we are there to support them without any prejudice and so we do what is necessary to keep them focused on their success.

Can we rely on you if our child gets sick?
We assist in your child’s recovery by coordinating with our young representatives that are in the same school with the student when necessary. If required, we lead the student to a medical facility where his/her health insurance is valid and we keep track of the student’s condition and inform the parents.

What do you do if a student has psychological problems?
We talk with the student and if we deem necessary we share the issue with the relevant departments in the university. We guide the student to receive help from the psychological support unit in the university and inform the parents.

Do you keep an eye on the student out of the school?
The most important task of Okuyorus/LSW.US Consulting team is to stand beside the students during the university years so as to make sure they are responsible and conscious individuals that can stand on their own two legs.
We will always be close to any student in the framework of coaching and mentoring that we will establish, by setting examples, respecting their personality and choices, to make sure they can distinguish between right and wrong.

How do you get involved in the event of a problem faced in daily life – such as not complying with the American Law?
In every state, we will share the contact information of a pool of lawyers that are specialized in the issue experienced. We will be tracking the case with lawyers and asking for a reference from the university, if necessary, and will keep the parents up to date on the proceedings.

What do you do if the student experiences problems in the university due to academic reasons or disciplinary issues?
The sooner the student shares the problems with us, the faster we can react.
In case of a problem, we will be seeking a solution by talking to the relevant departments and the university’s Dean of International Students.

What does “We are with you in case of emergency” exactly mean? 
Cases of emergency that we have identified can be summed up as follows:

  • Health issues
  • Emergency cases within the campus
  • Legal issues

We regularly visit the student with health issues and upon his/her consent, contact the doctors, and inform the parents.
In any case of emergency in the university, we do not leave the student alone.
For legal issues, we have one of the lawyers take over the case from our pool of lawyers with the consent of the parent and we keep the track of the proceedings.