What kind of services does LSW.US Consulting provide?

Turkey is ranked as the 13th country in the world to send students to the United States. Out of those traveling to the U.S. from Europe, Turkish students are ranked as the second largest group. Over 10,000 Turkish students are currently studying in the U.S.

We support 15-25-year-old Turkish students who have been admitted to study in a Us high school or college by offering them professional services such as Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring once they arrived in the US.

We become the representatives of the parents who stay behind while their children are off in distant lands, and provide a support mechanism for young adults attempting to navigate a new country and a new life.

Offering a wealth of personal experience on what awaits Turkish students in the U.S., the kinds of challenges they might face, and the preparations they will need, we assist them by being there for them, by making their daily lives easier, and by helping mitigate the inevitable homesickness and anxiety being so far from home can create.

Why does LSW.US offer these services?

The success of our students traveling to the U.S. to study is a source of pride for all of us.

The international education process is also a very serious investment for everyone involved.

The family of the student, the student’s high school, all the individuals who assist in the application process and the college itself, are all invested in the singular purpose of having the student succeed.

The goal is to ensure the student makes the most of the time he or she spends in the U.S. by being productive and successful.

If this investment does not yield the expected results, it can become a disappointing process for everyone involved, and can turn into the story of a failure, which the student carries the burden of for a long time.

From the moment, they set foot on an American college campus, most Turkish students experience some form of culture shock, difficulty adapting to a new social environment, homesickness and academic difficulties. Compounded with a sense of isolation, these challenges can quickly lead the student to feel anxiety and despair.

It is important both for the family and the student to yield positive results from such an emotional and material investment, and this is where we come in.

Building upon our decades’ worth of experience in training, coaching, consulting and mentoring, we offer support to these students in North America, being by their side when they need it, throughout their college years, in order to ensure their happiness and professional success.

There are certain benefits we bring, in addition to our professional expertise.

Most importantly, as parents whose children studied abroad, we have gone through the journey you are about to embark upon, and we can understand your questions and concerns.

Our goal is,

  • To be by the student’s side during the transition/adaptation period to a new life
  • To offer different services depending on each of the various stages of the student’s college period
  • To serve as moderators if the physical distance between the students and their families causes a strain on their relationship
  • To offer professional coaching when necessary, in order to ensure the continuity of the student’s motivation and determination
  • To make sure the student spends his or her time in America as a responsible, productive and happy individual

Where does LSW.US Consulting come in?

First stage

Before the student departs for college from Turkey, we get together with the family to collectively outline the framework of the support program.

We share our secrets during the final stages of the student’s preparation.

We explain the details and rules of what it means to be the representative of the student’s family while the student is in America, while also acting as the student’s personal advisor.

Second stage

During the international student orientation week, we meet with the family, the student, and the team responsible for international students on campus. We share the information pertaining to the campus and its surroundings, and sometimes our secrets too.
If the family should desire it, we assist with the student’s moving process into the campus or a private residence.

We go over the campus and academic guidelines with the student. We highlight various matters that should be kept in mind while in the U.S.

Third stage

Once classes begin, we are a phone call away.
We periodically meet with the student to do a situation assessment, and if the student needs support with any particular issue, we troubleshoot together.

We send monthly reports to the family.

If necessary, we go on a live video conference with the family and the student.

Fourth stage

During winter and summer breaks we meet with the family in Turkey to do a situation assessment and in order to make sure the student continues his or her education successfully and happily.