We are right by your side
in the USA

What do we do?

If you are interested in entering a new market, and establishing and growing your business in this market, to help you become competitive and make a difference, we connect you with Turkish professionals who specialize in intercultural communication and working with Americans.

In order for you to be able to deal comfortably with people familiar with the American way of doing business, we connect you with Turkish consultants, mentors and management coaches who have long been conducting business on American soil, and we make sure they provide you with continuous support.

In addition to intercultural communication training packages taught by our experienced Turkish trainers living in the U.S., we create specialized corporate and personal development trainings that cater to your needs.

Why do we offer such a service?

Because we consider the success of each Turk living the U.S. as our collective success, As LSW.US Consulting, we want to connect you with Turks who have faced all of the challenges that lie ahead, who have figured out the best practices for doing business and working in the U.S. so that they may assist you.

In an environment where the way business is conducted in a quite different from the way we are accustomed to, understanding the market dynamics that vary by the state you are located in, addressing your clients’ desires and needs, establishing correct and productive relationships with your solutions partners, and being prepared to face all kinds of situations in the business world, may not be so easy as to tackle alone.

You come determined to succeed, and we will be by yours side.

At what point do we come in?

From the moment you decide to open a company or start working in America, we can determine your needs together and put you in touch with the right professionals.

In order to make sure cultural differences do not block your path to success, as LSW.US Consulting, with our intercultural communication experts, mentors and consultants from different fields, and our experienced management coaches, we can be with you and by your side.